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Regrow Thicker, Fuller, Stronger Hair

When hair shedding becomes too much, you need more than a hair, skin and nails formula to get results.

Coming up, I’ll reveal answers to the most frequently asked questions about what to do about excessive hair shedding:

Do hair, skin and nail supplements work?

Can you regrow hair?

What is keratin protein?

How long do hair supplements take to work?

If this sounds familiar to you…

You dread washing and combing your hair because you know you’re about to kiss more precious strands goodbye…

You carefully style your hair to hide your widening part…

You stress about swimming, standing too close to somebody, and going out on a windy day because your “secret” may be revealed...

There is hope—because scientists have discovered a clinically proven way to stop worrying about thinning hair and see a difference in just a few weeks!

I know you’re frustrated about thinning hair and probably feel like you’ve tried everything to control it.

But you owe it to yourself to take a few moments to learn about a hair growth breakthrough showing real promise—in laboratories, in salons and on smiling faces of women like you who are enjoying thicker, fuller-looking, hair again.

Imagine styling your hair normally without thinking about hiding bare spots. Or being outdoors without worrying about a gust of wind revealing your secret.

Imagine having thicker, stronger hair and healthy growth!

When you hear your friends casually complain about a “bad hair day”—does it make you want to scream?

They have NO idea that just about every day you wonder:

“Is my scalp showing?”

“Has anybody noticed?”

“What if the thinning doesn’t stop?”

You are not alone in your worry over thinning hair.

An estimated 30 million women in the U.S. know how devastating it is to lose their hair…

But there is hope—not in an empty promise, but in a real scientific hair-care breakthrough that’s helping thousands of women reduce unhealthy hair shedding and promote the hair growth cycle.

The days and nights you spend stressing over fallen strands on your clothes… your pillow… on the floor…

The fear of washing and watching hair flow down the drain…

The frustration of having to hide your widening part…

It doesn’t have to be this way…not anymore.

Because nutritional advances in hair-care can help you take control of thinning hair!

Now, I want to be clear… your hair cannot grow back overnight.

But based on the multiple research studies and success stories, I’m confident you’ll notice a difference in 90 days… 60 days… and even as few as 30 days.

Yes—even 30 days.

Below, you’ll see the study results for yourself. I’ve scrutinized the research and talked to the scientists behind this discovery myself.

This is, in fact, a science-backed solution that can help love your hair again the way it has helped thousands of other women.

Like Amy F. from Tulsa* who wrote:

“I make room in my beauty & health budget for this product, it's just that good. Three years ago at age 43, I began to notice hair loss. After 2 full months on the supplement, I noticed a tremendous difference in my hair shedding.”

Or Sue C. from Sacramento* who revealed:

“My hair was falling out during showering or brushing. I started taking a product from another retailer but switched to this. After taking it for a month my hair is growing out. I love it.”

And the success stories don’t stop there! There are countless 5-star reviews just like these from verified customers!

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself.

I’m Naomi Whittel, wellness expert and author of New York Times Bestseller, Glow15: A Science-Based Plan to Lose Weight, Revitalize Your Skin and Invigorate Your Life.

In my 25 years advocating for “wellness from within”, I’ve developed over 125 health and beauty formulas for women that are supported by cutting-edge science.

Many of these products have been featured on popular TV shows and in magazines.

This includes my original breakthrough formula for fighting hair thinning and supporting natural hair regrowth.

New York Times Best-Selling Author and Natural Health Advocate, Naomi Whittel

In fact, my original hair regrowth formula became the #1 selling hair supplement brand in America!

Today, powered by the latest in anti-aging and hair nutrition science, I want to introduce you to my new hair growth formula that’s more advanced… more powerful… and better than ever!

It’s called NAOMI Keratin. And I can’t wait to share with you the results of a clinical study on its key ingredient—you’ll be blown away!

But I understand if you’re skeptical—you’ve probably tried every hair, skin and nails formula on the planet. Biotin… folic acid… zinc—you find them in most of these supplements.

Sure, these nutrients are important.

But when your hair is swirling down the drain so badly you want to cry in frustration—you need more than skin, hair and nails formula!

There’s ONE INGREDIENT that all those hair supplements are missing...

About 85-95% of your hair is made up of a protein called keratin.

In humans, this dry, tough, fibrous protein is what gives hair, nails, teeth and the outer layer of skin strength and structure. Made up of 18 amino acids, keratin is vital for maintaining a healthy growth cycle.

However, the production of keratin declines as you age, which affects the hair’s stability, flexibility, and function.[*]

Without healthy keratin production, hair can look dull and lifeless—and doesn’t grow the way it should.

So, how do you turn your ‘bad shed days’ into ‘good hair days’?

By replenishing the keratin protein that naturally contributes to a healthy growth cycle!

You’ve probably heard about keratin treatments that help restore shine on the outside.

But NAOMI Keratin is different…

This powerful formula works by nutritionally supporting the body’s ability to synthesize keratin and promote growth.

It’s scientifically formulated to replenish keratin protein and boost natural production.

Seeing IS believing!

In a minute, I’ll reveal the powerful secret ingredient behind this next generation of hair supplements.

Not only does it help maintain existing hair growth—it also helps to nourish and support new growth!

And the proof doesn’t just come from testimonials or word of mouth.

Take a look at the hard science from one astounding HUMAN clinical study on the star player in NAOMI Keratin:

It included 50 women between the ages of 40 and 71 who used this key ingredient along with vitamins and minerals for 90 days.

To measure results, researchers monitored 5 factors:

1. Rate of hair loss

2. Hair regrowth

3. Hair strength

4. Amino acid composition

5. Hair luster

Keep in mind—study participants were not young women in their 20s and 30s with thick manes and youthful keratin production. They were mature women with hair affected by hormones and aging.

I was blown away by the results…

After 30 days… 16.9% improvement in hair shedding

After 60 days… 38.9% reduction in hair shedding

After 90 days… 46.6% improvement in hair shedding

In fact, here’s a direct quote from the study conclusion: “[It’s] an effective supplement for improving hair and nails in 90 days or less.” (You can read the study for yourself here.)

So, science shows us that this powerful ingredient works. Now I’ll explain HOW it works.

Your hair has a life cycle.

If you long for the thicker tresses you used to have, you need to retain more hair follicles in what’s called the Anagen phase.

Hair is in active growth for years and cells in the root divide quickly, strengthening the shaft.

The longer hair remains in this active growth stage, the longer and stronger it can grow.

At the end of this growth stage, follicles enter the brief Categen phase where they prepare to be cut off from their blood supply.

In the Telogen phase, hair is shed and follicles become dormant for about 5-6 weeks until the cycle restarts.

Danger lies ahead, however, when follicles spend more time resting than growing.

Your hair is constantly under siege from everyday circumstances and activities that affect growth:



Hair products






Every one of these can potentially trigger excessive hair shedding and disrupt the delicate growth cycle.

If you don’t catch it in time, the hair follicle can become irreparably damaged and eventually die… along with hope of having your beautiful hair again.

But you’re not about to let this happen—and neither am I!

No other single ingredient has been shown in gold-standard double-blind human studies to have the ability to “press pause” on the Anagen phase and actually stimulate new hair growth!

The top scientists and researchers who developed it told me it’s because of the keratin protein peptides. These microscopic molecules are so fine, they’re easily absorbed by the body.

By comparison—ineffective ingredients get broken down in the stomach before they can deliver real benefits.

Beautiful hair can be yours again…I guarantee it!

IN 30 DAYS… hair looks healthier and brighter…

IN 60 DAYS… see a decrease in unhealthy hair shedding…

IN 90 DAYS… hair is noticeably stronger and healthier…

Now, I know you may still be skeptical because you’ve wasted a lot of money (and hope!) on solutions that haven’t worked. You’re still kissing your hair goodbye with every shower.

I get it—your patience is wearing thin.

But I have a challenge for you…

Take NAOMI Keratin for at least 30 days—if your hair isn’t healthier and fuller-looking… if you don’t see a decrease in hair shedding, send back the EMPTY BOTTLE for TOTAL REFUND. That’s my promise to you.

But before you secure your supply, it’s important for you to understand the full power of this unique ingredient. And why I know it can work for you…

…even if everything else has let you down.

The powerhouse behind NAOMI Keratin’s effectiveness is a unique ingredient called Cynatine HNS Keratin from New Zealand.

It’s powerful, because it’s highly soluble.

You see, for nutrients to be absorbed, they have to survive your stomach’s highly acidic environment.

Thanks to a revolutionary, patented processing technology, the keratin in Cynatine HNS is broken down into microscopic, solubilized protein peptides that bind to hair.

You get the full benefits without waste.

Say yes to fuller-looking hair…

Stronger, shinier tresses…

Healthier hair that’s ready to be styled and shown off!

In a study on women over 40, over 70% of the participants experienced an actual increase in the 4 amino acids that contribute to healthier hair: Serine, Glutamic Acid, Cystine and Methionine.

Now, as you can imagine… an ingredient like this that’s backed by science, effectiveness and modern technology is costly to produce.

That’s why most hair supplements use only trace amounts of lower quality proteins from questionable sources.

But I would not put my name behind any health formula unless it delivers high standards of quality and potency.

That’s why I developed NAOMI Keratin with a full 500 milligrams of Cynatine HNS—the highest serving in the industry.

NAOMI Keratin not only replenishes your hair’s keratin protein, it also helps your body amp up its own production of keratin. It encourages your body to produce it.

But that’s not all…

While Cynatine HNS alone has the proven power to support beautiful hair, I didn’t stop there.

My mission was to create the most effective hair revitalizing formula available anywhere.

So NAOMI Keratin also includes a must-have for healthy hair growth cycle: biotin. Without this essential B-vitamin, your body can’t produce amino acids, which are converted to keratin.

Plus, this formula includes enhanced servings of vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid to support healthy hair.

Take a look at a few more of inspiring stories from women who “tried everything” and finally saw results with this breakthrough formula...

“I've taken 2 full bottles and just started a 3rd, yesterday I had my hair in a ponytail and noticed I have a lot of 2 1/2 to 3-inch strands of hair sticking off of the top of my head...I will NOT be complaining! LOL Love this stuff!”

-Rachel S, Owings Mills, MD*

“I have been taking this product for three months now. My stylist asked what I am doing. She is impressed… it earns five stars. I give few products this rating.”

-Patty G. Charlotte, NC*

I’m proud to have earned their trust and I can’t wait to earn yours.

Trust is what makes NAOMI formulas so popular among women like you who demand quality, purity and a commitment to delivering innovative anti-aging solutions.

It’s this higher level of innovation that led to a hair supplement that helps minimize hair shedding and supports natural growth with a unique combination of ingredients.

You know that resveratrol is one of the strongest antioxidants on the planet. This potent polyphenol has the ability to protect cells from damage and counter oxidative stress.

Well, when the cells in your hair, follicles, and scalp are under attack, you need an extra layer of protection to keep them healthy.

NAOMI Keratin is formulated with a proprietary resveratrol blend to help reduce hair shedding and boost growth at the cellular level!

But the benefits don’t stop there…

Think of all the stress you’ve put on your hair, scalp, and delicate root system over the years:

Flat-ironing until every last kink is gone…

Blow-drying section by section…

Coloring and highlights every few weeks…

NAOMI Keratin can help restore strength and luster to dull, brittle hair!

To enhance strength and structure, even more, it includes two important hair minerals— zinc and copper. Did you know that a deficiency in these vital minerals is linked to hair loss and overall lackluster hair?

Just think about it...

Having stronger, fuller hair once again that’s full of life and “selfie-ready” at every angle...

Washing your hair without worrying about seeing your hair swirl down the drain…

Putting an end to the shedding and the stress of hiding your secret…

Think about the relief you’d feel!

The faster you put NAOMI Keratin to work for you—the sooner you could fall in love with your fuller, gorgeous hair.

Plus, with my 100% satisfaction guarantee, there’s nothing standing in between you and your newfound confidence.

Start using it now—and you’ll be on your way to seeing the difference… in as quickly as 30 days!

But there’s something worth repeating—as I said earlier, there are no miracles. I wish that restoring healthier hair was as easy as waving a magic wand.

The truth is that YOU have to make a commitment to using NAOMI Keratin every single day… no excuses.

As the human clinical studies revealed, 90 days is recommended to:





Though many users report seeing a difference within the first few weeks—like improved manageability or healthier texture—the ingredients need time to influence the many steps involved in reinvigorating your hair at the core.

To help you see the best hair transformation possible, I have a SPECIAL OFFER you won’t find anywhere else…

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Use NAOMI Keratin as directed every single day and you too may be on your way to seeing thicker, fuller-looking hair!

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With the security of my 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee, you can use NAOMI Keratin every single day right down to the very last capsule. If you don’t see stronger, healthier hair, you have one full year to return the empty bottle or bottles for a refund… no questions asked. That’s my commitment to you.

It’s that simple!

So go ahead. Secure your supply of NAOMI Keratin right now. When it arrives, start right away and make it part of your daily routine. 

Don’t forget to take “before” photos so that you can see the difference!

And please, please, please—share your results… your pictures… and your life-changing stories with me!

Your Wellness Explorer,

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